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December 4, 2014

Misha Alexandrovich Competition for Young Singers. Audition. Photo report


The Jury is ready for work: Sergey Martinov (chairman), Vlad Shulman, Telman Guzhevsky, Raffi Kharajanyan.

Anna Yudelson performed a song “Malachei shamaim” from the repertoire of Israeli singer Sarit Hadad.

Deanna Yudelson performed “Melodrama” from the repertoire of Andrea Bocelli.

Laureats of International Competitions Deanna and Anna Yudelson. From recent achievements of Deanna: victory in the Competition in Los Angeles, “Music Awards”. Anna Yudelson won recently a gold medal at the Competition in Copenhagen, became the winner of the “Rigas Symphony 2013” Competition.

Daniel Haitov also has proven successful in many Competitions.

Eugenia Belova – laureate of Russian romance International Competition. Russian romance was one of the favourite genres of Misha Alexandrovich. But this time Eugenia sang a popular Cuban song “Dos gardenias”.

The youngest participant of the audition was 10-year-old Victoria Chebotaryova from Riga Shimon Dubnov Jewish Secondary School. Accompanied by an expierienced pianist Yury Casper, Victoria sang a song by a popular Latvian composer Raimond Pauls “Mana dziesma Rigai”.

“Jerusalem of gold” was performed by Araxi Avetisyan from Riga Shimon Dubnovs Jewish Secondary School. Araxi is studying violin in a music school, plays in the orchestra “Armonico”.

14-year-old Daniel Kuzmin appeared before the public in a new quality (after mutation) – as a baritone. I am pleased to note that Daniel began his career in 2006 as a soloist of the boys’ choir of the Riga synagogue, led by me. 

You can highlight here a parallel with Aleksandrovich, who was engaged in hazzanut in the synagogue from his early childhood.

Daniel is studying in a music school now. He is a laureate of various Competitions: “Baltic talents-2010,2011″, “Baltic transit-2010,2011″, “Kaunassonorum-2011″ and “Kaunassonorum-2013″.

At the audition Daniel convincingly sang Alessandro Scarlatti aria “O cessate di piagarmi”, also the popular song “A day in the life of a fool” from the repertoire of Frank Sinatra.

17-year-old Ornella Rudevich brightly emotionally sang the old Gipsy romance “Why have you brought me those roses”. Ornella is studying in 3rd Riga gymnasium. She has a wide range of interests. She sings in the Gypsy folk ensemble “AME ROMA”, dances in a group “Desperado”. In 2010 she participated as a model in the International competition of flowers. In 2011 Ornella participated in the show of singing families on Latvian TV. This year she has organized an exhibition of fashion “Ornella”.

Tenor Bogdan Romancha performed F.P.Tosti song “Ideale”. Tenor Vassily Komanovski is a laureate of Kvitka Cisyk International Competition of the Ukrainian romance in Lviv (2011).

Eugene Igans presented to the public the “tidbits” of the lyric tenor repertoire: the Neapolitan song “Tu ca nun chiagne” by E. de Curtis and Russian folksong “Ah, ti dushechka”.

Organizers: Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia and Max Goldin Society “Jewish Culture Heritage”.

Partners: Riga German Culture Society.

Supporters: Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, Latvian Community Iniciatives Fund, Ministry of Culture of Latvian Republic. 


Vlad Shulman