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July 10, 2017

Don Jaffe’s music at the Newport Music Festival (USA)

Latvian Jewish composer Don Jaffé’s expressive BALLADE ON THE TROUT OR SCHUBERT’S LIFE for violin, cello & harp will be performed at the 12th of July at the Schubertiade of the Newport Music Festival!

July 4, 2017

Today is Latvian Holocaust Memorial Day

Šodien Latvijā tiek atzīmēta ebreju tautas genocīda upuru piemiņas diena…

June 27, 2017

Party till morning at Tel Aviv’s White Night

“Annual end-of-June festival offers up a cornucopia of art, performances, live music and international foods…

In Hebrew, “white night” means a night with no sleep, but there’s an added connotation in Tel Aviv, which is known as the “white city” and was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2003 for its unusual collection of white buildings designed in the Bauhaus style.

The German architectural school emphasized functionality and inexpensive building materials, ideas that were brought to the city in the 1930s by German Jewish architects fleeing Europe.

Fittingly, White Night offers opportunities to celebrate the city and its history. Following is a selection of events, with a full listing available at the municipality website…”

May 4, 2017

Richard Tucker and Robert Merrill: “To Life, To Life, Lechaim!”

Выдающиеся американские оперные певцы, ведущие солисты Метрополитен- опера Ричард Таккер (Рубин Тикер) и Роберт Меррилл (Мойше Миллер) исполняют в концерте фрагменты из мюзикла Д.Бока “Скрипач на крыше”.

April 19, 2017

10th International Conference “Jews in a Changing World” in Riga

April 26 – April 28

Museum “Jews in Riga”, Skolas 6, 3-rd floor, Riga


March 22, 2017

Ramona Jaffe meistarklase Vācijā

Ramons Jaffe

Ramons Jaffe: “Dear young cellists, I would like to invite you to my masterclass from 17th – 21st April at the International Festival Music Island in St. Blasien/Germany. There is an opportunity to play as a soloist with the Taurida Int. Symphony Orchestra St. Petersburg and to take part in the competition of the festival. Thanks for sharing the information to other colleagues!”

March 13, 2017

German Foundation to Help Jewish Heirs in Search for Nazi Looted Art

A sculpture by Reinhold Begas, “Susanna,” that was also originally part of the Rudolf Mosse collection. Credit Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

“Shortly after the Nazis rose to power in Germany in 1933 the family of a prominent newspaper publisher there fled to France, leaving behind an eclectic art collection that included Benin bronzes, Egyptian antiquities and 20th-century realist paintings. The works were confiscated, many were auctioned and most have been presumed lost.

Now a partnership including German museums, university researchers and the descendants of the publisher, Rudolf Mosse, will search for the plundered works as part of a two-year contract that the Mosse heirs have signed with the Freie Universität Berlin…”

January 27, 2017

January 27 – Holocaust Memorial Day

Поминальная молитва “Эйл Мале Рахамим” звучит в исполнении кантора Зеева Шульмана.

CD “Мелодии сожженных синагог”, 2009г.

Видеоряд – открытки, опубликованные в рамках проекта Главного раввина Латвии Натана Баркана “Латвия. Синагоги, раввины. 1918-1940гг.”

January 7, 2017

6. janvārī pirms 25 gadiem Latvija & Izraēla nodibināja diplomātiskās attiecības


November 29, 2016

Marģers Vestermanis: “75 gadus esmu gaidījis, lai Latvijas sabiedrība teiktu, tie arī ir mūsējie”

Marģers Vestermanis ar kundzi

Marģers Vestermanis ar kundzi

Vēstule no Marģera Vestermaņa (sociālajā tīklā facebook citē Lolita Tomsone):
(English translation under the Latvian original.)


Esmu piedzīvojis Rumbulas un Biķernieku šausmas, kur gāja bojā visi mani mīļie, visa mana ebreju pasaule. 75 gadus esmu gaidījis, lai Latvijas sabiedrība teiktu, tie arī ir mūsējie. Esmu laimīgs, ka gara mūža galā esmu šo brīņišķīgo brīdi sagaidījis.

Paldies Jums visiem labiem cilvēkiem. Cik labi apzināties, ka esam visi kopā.

Dr.hist.Marģers Vestermanis, viens no nedaudzajiem holokaustā izdzīvojušiem.”

A letter from Marģers Vestermanis (from the blog of Lolita Tomsone at facebook)
„Dear friends,
I have lived through the horror of Rumbula and Biķernieki, where all my loved ones, all of my Jewish world persihed. I have waited 75 years for the Latvian society to say – these are also our people. I am happy that at the end of my long life this wonderful moment is finally here.
Thank you to all of you, good people. It feels so good to know, that we are all together.
Dr. hist. Marģers Vestermanis, one of the few Holocaust survivors.”