Deutsche Oper hosted a guest performance of Valentina by Arturs Maskats

foto Kārlis Saržants

foto Kārlis Saržants

On 19 May, Deutsche Oper Berlin hosted a guest performance of Valentina performed by the Latvian National Opera, reports BC the Latvian MFA.

“Valentina,” the first opera by Latvian composer Arturs Maskats, celebrates a legend – Valentina Freimane, the film historian born in 1922. She spent her childhood in Riga and Berlin, where her father worked as a lawyer and her mother belonged to the circle of film greats of the time. After returning to Riga, the family became victims of the Holocaust. The opera has been inspired by the life story of Dr Valentina Freimane.

Valentina Freimane’s memoirs, “Adieu, Atlantis”, were also published in German this spring. Her life story and the period of World War II depicted in the opera attracted wide interest among the German audiences. Valentina Freimane was an honoured guest at this particular performance in Berlin.


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