Remembering Second Misha Alexandrovich Jewish Music Festival » The oratorio of Mendel Bash

Ilona Alexandrovich (Maclis), Leonid Maclis and Vlad Shulman
oratorio of Mendel Bash

One Comment to “The oratorio of Mendel Bash”

  1. Dear Ilona Alexandrovich Maclis,
    I was so happily surprised to see that you are connected with a music festival honoring your dear father’s name that has been created in Latvia. Please get in touch with me here in New York City.
    I also have warm affection and greetings to you from our mutual friend, Milada Sergeyeva in Moscow to whom I spoke over the phone, this morning during this holiday period. Please get in touch. My E-mail is and my phone in NY is 1-646-649-2067
    I hope to hear from you.
    Much love,
    Gerald Robbins

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