Remembering Second Misha Alexandrovich Jewish Music Festival

Singers, composers, participants, spectators…

1. Misha Alexandrovich (1914-2002)

2. The book by Leonid Makhlis “The Six Careers of Mikhail Alexandrovich: The Life of a Tenor”

4. Johanna Spector (1915-2008)

5. Dmitry Shostakovich (1906-1975) with Moisei Weinberg (1919-1996)

6. Don Jaffe (born in 1933)

7. The daughter of Misha Alexandrovich – Ilona Makhlis, Leonid Makhlis and Vlad Shulman

8. Mendel Bash (1919-2012)

9. Bob Beilin, the son of a poet Grigory Beilin (author of the oratorio “In Memory of Riga Ghetto” text) with Mark Joffe and Vlad Shulman

10. Oratorio “In Memory of Riga Ghetto”, State Choir Latvija, Latvian National Symphony orchestra, conductor – Arkady Leytush (USA)

11. Oratorio “In Memory of Riga Ghetto”, soloists – Inessa Galante and Vlad Shulman, conductor – Arkady Leytush

12. The pianist Harry Bash – a son of Mendel Bash

13. Don Jaffe – the author of “Exodus.1971”

14. Ramon Jaffe (cello, Israel) – a son of Don Jaffe, a soloist in “Exodus.1971”

15.  Pianist Vestards Shimkus, a soloist in “Exodus.1971”

16. Don Jaffe and Ramon Jaffe

17. Inessa Galante and Harry Bash

18-19. Conductor Arkady Leytush

20. Applauses

21. The Ambassador of Israel for Latvia and Lithuania Mrs. Hagit Ben-Yaakov with a Survivor, professor Marģer Vesterman

22. The Chairman of Latvian Council of Jewish Communities Arkady Sukharenko

23. The Ambassador of USA Mr. Mark Pekkala

24. The Ambassador of USA Mr. Mark Pekkala and the Ambassador of Germany Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin

25. The Archbishop of Latvia Zbignev Stankevich

26. The Minister of Education of Latvia Ina Druviete

27. Don Jaffe, Ramon Jaffe, Vlad Shulman, Arkady Leytush, Mark Joffe


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