Remembering First Misha Alexandrovich Jewish Music Festival

1. A concert in Riga Jewish theatre

2. Alexandra Lyrie and Shofar choir

3. Cantors Israel Rand, Colin Shachat (both – Israel), Azi Schwartz (USA) and pianist Raymond Goldstein (Israel)

4. Three cantors

5. Vlad Shulman sings hazzanut , pianist – Yury Kasper

6. Latvian National Opera soloist Sergei Martinov

7. Timur Fishel (Estonia) with Forshpil ensemble

8. Vlad Shulman, Sergei Martinov and Riga Klezmer Band

9. Rina and Stella Alexandrovich – nieces of Misha Alexandrovich with Vlad Shulman


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